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    Academic success is the ultimate goal for parents and students! Our thorough diagnostic assessment process allows us to get to the core of a student’s academic struggle. We identify basic skill deficiencies and develop a program to completely correct the problems.

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    We design a tutoring program based on the student’s academic needs. A prescriptive tutoring program helps a student fill in gaps while increasing self-confidence and motivation. Subject tutoring and homework support help students keep up or get ahead of day-to-day classroom work.

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    We can help students prepare for upcoming tests with basic study strategies. All students need a strong and secure foundation in study skill strategies to experience academic success. Good study habits also foster an increase in a student’s self-esteem.

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    An integral part of a student’s tutoring program is ongoing communication among the learning center, parent, student, and school. An Education Edge representative meets with both parents and teachers at numerous intervals during the student’s academic program.

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k-12 Educational Services: Virginia, DC, & Maryland

Education Edge, LLC is a K-12 diagnostic and prescriptive tutorial education service based in Loudoun County, Virginia. We believe that all students can succeed in the classroom if given the correct tools. Our program combines basic skill support with homework help. Additionally, our program focuses on increasing the student’s self-esteem and motivation. Students experience success once all of these factors come together!

Education Edge – Small Group Sessions

chalksideEducation Edge is a highly-respected K-12 education company offering innovative courses in study skills, math, reading, and writing. Education Edge also provides one-to-one diagnostic and prescriptive assessment and tutorial sessions.

All programs are taught in small groups by high-energy, experienced teachers. These programs include individual contact with parents prior to the beginning of class, updates during the course session, and a final conference to review and assess your child’s program results. Final course evaluations will be mailed to the parents after careful review by the Education Edge staff. These evaluations will include specific individual recommendations for your student’s future success.Enroll your child today! Click on the following links for more information.

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