1. What services does Education Edge offer?

Education Edge offers a diagnostic assessment process, prescriptive tutoring, subject tutoring and homework support, parent and teacher consultations, and professional development presentations.

2. How does Education Edge differ from other supplemental education services?

Education Edge is independently owned, and is not part of a national chain of learning centers. Therefore, we can provide a more personalized approach to our tutorial services. Additionally, we focus on getting to the core of the student’s learning difficulty instead of using a “band aid” approach to resolving learning difficulties.

3. Does Education Edge provide an initial assessment?

Yes. We provide a thorough diagnostic assessment where we determine basic skill gaps. The student’s learning program is created based on the testing results.

4. How often should students receive tutorial instruction?

Student’s should receive instruction at least twice weekly; however, better progress is made if student’s attend from three to four hours weekly. The instructional sessions can be scheduled in one or two hour intervals.

5. How does subject tutoring differ from prescriptive tutoring?

Subject tutoring is basically homework support, and is recommended for students on or above grade level. It does not focus on remediating skill gaps. Prescriptive tutoring provides remediation on basic skill deficiencies. This approach is highly recommended for students performing below grade level. Homework support can be added to the program, but is not the focus of the student’s instructional plan.

6. How do I get started?

Contact Education Edge to discuss your child’s learning needs, and to schedule a diagnostic assessment and/or in-person consultation.

7. Does Education Edge work with learning disabled students?

Yes. However, it is not our core business. We do not test for learning disabilities, but we can help these students with their homework and basic skill development.

8. How does Education Edge inform the parents of their child’s progress?

An education expert from Education Edge meets with parents before and after the initial diagnostic assessment. Interim conferences are scheduled monthly to keep parents abreast of their child’s progress.

9. Does Education Edge work with adults?

Yes, Education Edge works with adults on basic reading and math skills. We use the appropriate adult level materials for instruction.

10. What is the cost of the initial assessment process?

The cost of the initial diagnostic assessment is $125.00 which includes the parent consultation as well.

11. How long is the diagnostic assessment process?

The diagnostic assessment process takes 1-3 hours depending upon the student’s skill and grade level.

12. How much does the tutoring cost?

The cost of the prescriptive tutorial sessions is $80 per hour. Subject tutoring is $70 per hour.

13. Does Education Edge work with the schools?

Yes. School consultations are an integral part of the instructional process. This service is included in the tutorial fee – there is no extra charge for this service.

14. Does Education Edge work with gifted students as well as those in need of remediation?

Yes. Education Edge does work with gifted students. We design a program that challenges them – one that incorporates material at a higher grade level, and one that encourages critical and analytical thinking.

15. Am I required to pay for instructional materials?

No, all instructional materials are included in the monthly tuition.

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