Recognizing Your Child’s Learning Style

Each of us has our own way of learning and understanding. Some of us are visual learners, others are auditory, some are kinesthetic or haptic, and many are a combination of all three learning styles. A good first step in knowing how to help your child is to understand his/her learning style. Listed below are a few characteristics about each style:

Visual Learning Style:

  • Usually take detailed notes
  • Sometimes close their eyes to remember something
  • Prefer to see what they are learning
  • Usually underline and highlight what they are reading
  • Like to sit in the front to avoid distractions
  • Usually prefer to study in isolation
  • Prefer the use of illustrations to better understand what they are reading

Auditory Learning Style:

  • Usually hum or talk to themselves or others
  • Can sit anywhere in a classroom or during a presentation and still pay attention
  • Usually prefer to read aloud to fully understand what they are reading

Kinesthetic or Haptic Learning Style:

  • Generally use their hands to communicate
  • Usually are quite active
  • Prefer a hands-on experience – they have to touch and feel to understand
  • Sometimes become quite “antsy” when sitting for a long period of time
  • Sometimes have a difficult time recalling details
  • Prefer the use of a manipulative in a learning situation

Which of these learning styles best describes your child? Education Edge can determine your child’s learning style, and provide recommendations regarding instructional strategies.

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