Small Group Sessions

Education Edge is a highly-respected K-12 education company offering innovative courses in study skills, math, reading, and writing. Education Edge also provides one-to-one diagnostic and prescriptive assessment and tutorial sessions.

All programs are taught in small groups by high-energy, experienced teachers. These programs include individual contact with parents prior to the beginning of class, updates during the course session, and a final conference to review and assess your child’s program results. Final course evaluations will be mailed to the parents after careful review by the Education Edge staff. These evaluations will include specific individual recommendations for your student’s future success.

Math Here and Now 

(Grades 3-5 and 6-8) $275

This math program includes problem-solving math games and activities that provide exciting practice in basic operations, patterning, and analytical thinking. The use of manipulatives and games encourages a hands-on approach for participants. This approach also generates confidence and enthusiasm for math while fortifying skills. There is frequent communication with parents throughout the course, and an individual assessment of skills is included in a follow-up report to parents upon completion of the course.

Read, Write, and Think 

(Grades 3-5 and 6-8) $275

Read, Write, and Think is a reading comprehension class that fosters and builds students skills in each area. High-interest materials are used to increase speed, comprehension, vocabulary, and writing. Each skill area compliments the other, and encourages critical and higher level thinking.

Students acquire the skills necessary to become more successful and independent in their academic work. Individual goals and programs are developed for each participant. Parents receive frequent updates throughout the course, and receive an individual assessment of skills in a follow-up report upon completion of the course.

Strengthening of Skills (SOS) 

(Grades 3-5 and 6-8) $325

SOS is a highly-regarded study skills program taught in schools within our region and throughout the world. SOS is a validated HOW TO LEARN course that gives students the tools necessary to become more successful and independent in their academic work. It teaches skills for better efficiency in listening, memory, note taking, time management, and test taking.

Students identify and take advantage of their own, unique learning styles. Since there is no one right approach to studying, students are exposed to several options and develop strategies that work effectively for them.

A pre-test is administered to determine each student’s learning style and skill level. A post-test at the end of the course documents achievement results. Parents receive updates during the course as well as a follow-up report upon completion of the course.

The Mechanics of Better Writing 

(Grades 3-5 and 6-8) $325

This program focuses on the mechanics and steps to better writing in grades 3-5 and 6-8. There is no exact formula for good writing, but through practice and exposure to different writing styles, your child will build the skills necessary to approach any writing assignment with ease and confidence. Program components include: personal narratives, comparative writing, descriptive writing, journal entry writing, mechanics of writing, editing, and short reports. A differentiated approach to instruction is taken to accommodate the range of grades and ages, and to ensure attention to individual needs.

Critical Reading and Test Taking Strategies

This class helps to strengthen critical and analytical thinking skills for students in grades 6-8. Students will learn how to read selections in a critical manner by incorporating the following reading skills: inferences, drawing conclusions, locating the answer, sentence completion, analogies, etc. Additionally, the class will include various test-taking strategies that will help students with the SSAT, PSAT, and eventually the SAT. There will be a number of Practice Tests (from the SSAT, PSAT, and SAT) used in the class as well.

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